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Zlatina Teofilova
+359 988 875 825 Senior Designer

Zlatina`s impressive experience as a Graphic Designer expands from competences in the area of idea creation, through technological decisions for its execution, an up to its overall realization in all forms and media that are necessary. Visual identity creation, print materials, spatial decisions and branding build an integral part of her major specialties.

Before she joined KEG in 2016, Zlatina has worked as a graphic designer at HiComm magazine and a digital composer at Worldwide FX, a key player in the field of visual effects in the Balkans. Zlatina holds credits for the following movies: Resurrection (2016), London has fallen (2016), Albion: The enchanted station (2016) and Criminal (2016).

She is an alumni of the National Academy for Fine Arts “Iliya Petrov” where she has obtained a degree for professional qualification for an Artist 3rd level. She then continued her education in the National Academy of Arts and has a Bachelor degree in Advertising Deisgn.



Zlatina's projects