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Zagorka Heroes

In 2016, our KEG team was delighted to work on the creative concept and execution of the Christmas party and the related campaign for the leading Bulgarian brewer, the greenest local company proud with more than 110 years of history – Zagorka. And for this very special event we`ve been aiming at something truly different, not just another Christmas, but an unforgettable moment that starts as a party and continues step by step as an internal initiative. Inspired by comic books, super heroes and the top achievements of the company and its devoted employees, KEG created “Zagorka HEROES”. The event kept its joyful mood, and was full of games and challenges, lead by the hosts from HaHaHa Impro Theatre. The surprising concert of the Bulgarian rap band Upsurt and the evening karaoke challenge provoked 500 people to laugh and dance all night.