We are an independent brand equity consultancy that blends strategy, design and innovation with attitude and commitment to help companies live with purpose and create their future.

WE BRIDGE BRANDS with hearts, messages with emotions, minds that think alike, and believe that there is always a better idea, a better way and we never, ever, stop searching.

WE APPROACH projects with attention and creativity, determined to go the extra mile.

WE NEVER STOP EVOLVING and delivering on-demand solutions that matter not only to the brand we work for, but also to the people they reach.

You are in good hands. We are Key Experts Group and we know what we do.

Our values:

UNDERSTANDING: Understanding is what we seek, defend and embrace in everything we do.

PARTNERSHIP: We work and create together with the client, rather than for the client. We listen, go deeper and commit, but we also seek involvement, because only if we are excited about what we do and if we feel our input is appreciated, we can move forward together.

GREATNESS: We strive to be great company doing great things that matter. We deliver creative and consultancy work that lives beyond the industry bubble.