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How much is the communication worth these days?

The evaluation and measurement of communication campaigns is a grave challenge before business and PR and marketing experts, journalists and communication researchers and scientists. This is why they all join together and gather their expertise and opinion, on the 23rd of November, 2018, in Veliko Tarnovo. This is the first conference on “The value of Communication in the Digital Age” for South East Europe (EFSE), organized by A Data Pro, part of KIDA, in collaboration with KEG.

The most up-to-date methods for communication evaluation, the relevant channels for reaching different types of consumers, and some paractical measurement models built the morning theoretical part of the event, with international guests such as Johna Burke, CEO of AMEC, Ana Adi from the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the US Institute for Public Relations (IPR), as well as Thomas Stoeckle, also from IPR.

Аll the different communication directions – journalism, PR, marketing and business, go “against” each other during the afternoon discussion panels in order to conduct a fruitful dispute out of which the truth might be born. The Head Editors of Dnevnik and SeeNews, Velislava Popova and Nevena Krasteva, face PR and marketing professionals like Alexander Christov, Gergana Fakalieva, Iva Grigorova, and Yasen Guev. Representatives of the local industry Prestige-96 as well as Sopharma, join on business behalf.

The conference gathered more than 160 guests from the country, from different professional and educational fields, students from main universities, business experts and managers. In his opening speech, the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Tomislav Donchev shared his opinion on one of the major communication issues these days – fake news. For him, the crucial point is not the fact that somebody writes them, but the fact that many people believe them.