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Summer #WithoutRemorse

In the vagarous weather of July, we helped our friends from Ariana to surprise the consumers of their newest fresh beverage – Ariana Radler 0.0 %, made of natural ingredients and with less sugar and calories.   Together we turned the social network Instagram has turned into a public diary where everyone could share their own story with the unconventional consumption occasion, which the non-alcoholic radler could offer – work, travel, sport and relaxation. All these occasions came to life through а creative visual interpretation coming straight from our designers` imagination. Along with Ariana team, we prepared unique surprises to award the storytellers.

Inspired by the summer taste of Ariana Radler 0.0% , some bold young Bulgarian influencers shared their own radler experience in Instagram as well.  #WithoutRemorse, of course. The vlogger Chris Zahariev waved us from the cities of Thailand, holding a bottle of Ariana Radler 0.0 % in his hand, Mona Gocheff took a sip of raspberry beverage during the screening of her newest series. The makeup artist Geri Petkova, the fashion diva Antoanet Popova, and the food bloggers Diana Mitova and Nedezhda Dzhalazova shared some summer alcohol-free stories as well.

We`ll remember Summer 2018 #WithoutRemorse!