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Allianz Listen Up

· 2021

How many of you have talked to a deaf person? Probably not many because we don't know sign language. The deaf community in Bulgaria exceeds 100,000 people and it is up to us whether we will be open and accessible to them. We are glad that there are leading companies that set the standards so that others can follow them and we are proud that we were communication partners of Allianz Bulgaria in an SCR project worth sharing.

Allianz integrated a real-time digital sign language translation platform on its website, through which any deaf customer can be served in sign language via their smartphone, on-site in the office or from the comfort of their home. Our role was to prepare the communication strategy and content to inform the general public about the initiative and to reach deaf people who can now benefit from the service.

We harnessed our creativity to create something different and memorable that would set us apart in the congested flow of corporate news. The realization of the idea was challenging and in practice, we found out how many difficulties deaf people face. And once again we realized how satisfying it is to work on socially significant projects.