Terms and Conditions

It`s been already 12 years since we – the brave, bold and ambitious ladies from Key Experts Group, started bringing colour, style and personal approach into communications, discovering news and innovations, striving to reach the core of messages and then to pass them on. We have to admit, from time to time it is difficult, sometimes it is a real challenge, sometimes it`s fun – that much fun that we cry out of laughter, but there is always one key factor driver that stays. We do what we believe in. After each and every event and campaign, it is crucial for us to look back and smile, contended that our efforts have brought value and meaning.

We believe sustainable business consists of so much more than just fair trade – it represents building a full-blood contact network, friendships, mutual support and collaboration, persistency and stability, search and demand, learning from past experience, from success and mistakes equally. It means succession and continuity, integrity. Passing on - to the next person and for the next idea.

This is why we have recently decided to join our efforts for a next creative, strategic and integrated purpose, and to contribute by investing our pro bono work in someone`s idea or cause. Someone who would believe in us and would make us believe as well. We hope this someone will be you.

The first topic under which KEG Pro Bono services will unite us is “From Ladies to Ladies”. Because it is close to our hearts and represents an inseparable part of our everyday lives.  We would like to make it come to life as a gesture of gratitude to everyone who has taken a part in our own development as professionals. By passing on.

We are ready to address your questions via our contact form: https://keyexpertsgroup.com/en/contact-us. But here is our core vision for the most common of them, in the most traditional journalist manner:


We are looking forward for all applications coming from organizational bodies, projects, start-up business, ideas, causes and events, who we can bring a few steps closer to their goal and together with them to achieve more under. We give you no less than the infinite freedom of thoughts and ideas in the way you perceive this topic – from ladies trying to make their own business project happen, to persons who support (un)employed moms, girls in male business spheres, or a labour market open for migrant women.

On our behalf, you will be having at your disposal a team of a marketing communications experts and graphic designers as well as digital communications specialists. They will work together with you on identifying the specific project-related needs, creative concept and  execution of a strategy for its successful and redeemable communication, and of course, building a unique identity.


It depends on you only. We are ready to develop a creative project for you first book cover, a concept for the brand identity of your start-up, a fundraising campaign for your charitable initiative. And our vision does not end here. Surprise us! We will surprise you back.

We would like to invest as much hours of voluntary work as necessary in order to make the best and most meaningful ideas and projects come to life.


You can introduce and present your initiative and your future ideas for its launch on https://keyexpertsgroup.com/en/pro-bono. Or you can find us, flesh and blood, on 22, Shipka Street, Sofia.


Starting December, 1st until the 15th of March, 2019, you can apply for participation by presenting us your idea and expectations via the e-mail form above.

We would be happy to meet and greet our favorites during the first two weeks of March 2019, in order to discuss in person our mutual ideas and first impressions, and to check if and where our creative searches would match each other.

On the 19th of March, 2019, we will announce all chosen projects we`ll be working with on https://keyexpertsgorup.com .

All project services will take place until the end of April, 2019, except for cases that require different terms and conditions given their specifics.

In May, we will proudly announce the results we have created together.


Because together we can achieve a lot more. And even though a job is what we receive our monthly income for, a profession means so much more than just series of consecutive actions we do from 09:00 to 17:00.


Conceptually. Confidently. With small steps. And individual approach. Yours. And ours.