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The Heart of the Baking

At the end of 2014, KEG started a partnership with the taste of freshly baked bread – a cooperation with the world leader in the production and distribution of baking products Lesaffre. The ambition to put Lesaffre in the heart of the Bulgarian bread baking inspired our integrated marketing communication approach.

As part of the partnership with Lesaffre, new visual Identity and new corporate slogan for the Bulgarian market was developed as well as many creative Ideas for events, campaign and corporate projects like the annual calendar "Breads of the World 2014" and the newsletter "Hot Bread". Our Digital Communications support started with redesign and relaunch of the corporate web site www.lesaffre.bg and www.vivomaya.bg, and continued with management of all web sites, including the Facebook profile of the B2C flagman brand Vivo – www.facebook.vivomaya.bg.