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Allianz New Home

· 2021

Today, employers know that investing in the development, health and well-being of human capital is key to achieving the business goals of organizations. The pandemic required a rapid change in the work model and communication with employees, and the most adaptable organizations remained the strongest.

Our client Allianz Bulgaria implemented a large project that combined the gathering of all its business units in a new modern office and the introduction of a new, more efficient model of work. We are grateful for the trust and the opportunity to work together on the challenging task of communicating change, welcoming the positives, looking for vulnerable topics and supporting the natural ambassadors of the change. We actively participated in the creation of content for internal channels, which was shared in a timely and open manner, we stimulated the engagement and feedback of employees by participating in various working groups and queries and they became part of happening the change.

Today, Allianz employees are enjoying a new home in which they feel and work better.